Important Features Of Colostomy Bags

A colostomy is what a surgeon creates by diverting an end of large intestine into a stoma that is an opening on the abdomen of the patient. Colostomy patients often deal with a myriad of maintenance problems and they can utilize various colostomy accessories or supplies to help them with these problems. The accessories provide the best solution to help the patients maintain hygiene through proper excretion. One of these accessories or supplies is, a colostomy bag , which fits around the newly created stoma to collect all the waste that passes through the large intestine for excretion. It acts as a collection device to facilitate clean waste excretion from the body. People suffering with large intestine diseases find the colostomy bags very helpful and they rely on these bags to facilitate their bowel functions.

Colostomies bags help patients having serious problems with colon area, emanating from deficiencies like bowel cancer, Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis and IBD. It collects waste. Often times this newly created stoma allows the colon to get healed and the colostomy bag collects the bowel movements from this newly created stoma. Approximately 110,000 people get the Crohn’s disease in UK, and 50% people need surgery in initial ten years of being affected by this disease. In the U.S. as many 700,000 people suffer from Crohn’s disease. A colostomy may be either permanent or temporary to help patients suffering from these diseases.

convatec colostomy bagsAlthough patients consider getting a colostomy as a tough thing to do, often times they agree that their life has changed for the better, and many of the colostomy supplies and colostomy bags have improved to help them. Colostomy barriers have an inner liner that is biodegradable and a pouch in the outer area. These parts can be separated easily in a two-piece system and cannot be separated in a one-piece system. The outer pouch is disposable.

The main features of the colostomy bags include:

1.    It is Secure, as it provides effective and skin-friendly adhesion that attempts to rule out any skin problems and side effects. Also, an additional adhesion is provided through the use of these bags that help patients to attain superior wear time. Also, it comes along with a supporting cutting guide to help supporting the patient to get a good fit for the problem and illness they tackle.

2.    It is discreet and has properties to eliminate odor that emanates from the process and use of such bags, and also it has an improvised filter that reduces bulging from gas.

3.    It is comfortable and can be cleaned easily.

4.    It is liberating, as it saves time while changing pouch and convenient to use.

Thus, these colostomy bags are easy to use and with proper application and the right accessories should be odor and leak proof.

What Is The Cervical Spine And How Can Medical Neck Brace Help Injuries?

The cervical spine is defined as being the top 7 vertebrae in the spine, beginning just below the skull and going down to the thoracic spine. The distinguishing feature of the cervical spine is the lordotic curve that it has, looking like the shape of a “C” that has been turned backwards. It is the same shape that can be seen in the lumbar spine. However, the cervical spine is way more flexible and mobile than the other regions of the spine. For example, think how easy it is for you to turn your neck in different angles and directions.

The cervical spine is unique in that it contains openings on each side of the vertebrae for arteries. Arteries are responsible from carrying blood away from the heart and into other needed areas. The arteries that run through the openings in the cervical spine take blood from the heart and carry it to the brain. The uppermost two vertebrae at the top of the cervical spine are called the axis and the atlas. These two vertebrae are different from all of the others in that they are especially designed for rotation. This is the reason why you are able to move your neck in so many different directions.

medicalneck braceThe atlas is the vertebrae that sit right at the top, between the rest of the spine and the skull. It does not have a vertebral body, but instead has an anterior arch and a posterior arch with two prominent masses that face sideways. The atlas sits on top of the axis. The axis is comprised of a bony “peg-like” structure that is called the odontoid process. It sticks straight up through the hole in the atlas. It is with the special arrangement between the atlas and the axis that makes it possible for a person to turn their head from side to side. In between the atlas and the axis are special ligaments which are what makes rotation possible.

Even though the cervical spine is so flexible, it is at the highest risk of injury from movements that are strong and sudden, similar to the motion of whiplash. There is an extremely limited amount of muscle support in the area of the cervical spine and the average adult head is already placing between 12 to 15 pounds of weight on the atlas bone.

Treatment for conditions of the cervical spine:

In many cases where neck injuries are the problem, orthopedic doctors will recommend that the patient undergo treatment with a medical neck brace. A medical neck brace can be used for a variety of conditions, including spinal stenosis, cervical infection, cervical tumors, Kyphosis, injury or trauma, and many different forms of arthritis in the neck.

Condition that are benefited by the use of a medical neck brace

There are an unlimited number of conditions and injuries which can be helped by wearing a medical neck brace. The following list contains the most common injuries and conditions that require extra support of the neck and spine:

•    ALS: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurological disease that progressively causes muscle weakness and impacts function in other areas of the body.

•    Arthritis: This condition affects the entire musculoskeletal system, especially the joints. It affects sufferers in many different ways but a medical neck brace can help relieve the feelings of fatigue from holding up the head.

•    Cervical Dystonia: This disease affects the muscles in the neck, causing the head to be pulled forward or backward, or to twist and turn.

•    Cervical Spondylosis: This is a form of degenerative osteoarthritis occurring in the joints located between the neural foramina and the spinal vertebrae.

•    Drop Head: This syndrome is characterized by the muscles in the back of the neck becoming severely weak. It can result in the chin coming to rest on the chest while the person is either sitting or standing.

•    Guillian Barre Syndrome: Although this condition is rare, it is an extremely serious autoimmune disorder. It affects the peripheral nervous system, the portion which resides outside the spinal cord and brain. Eventually it will lead to paralysis.

•    Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is long lasting and can affect the optic nerves of the eyes, the spinal cord, and the brain. It causes problems with balance, vision, muscle control, and other body functions that are considered to be basic. The disease affects each person differently. Some patients will not require treatment at all, while others will be unable to complete simple daily tasks.

•    Muscular Atrophy: Muscles which waste away are considered to be atrophied. There is a long list of possible causes for this but lack of movement and exercise are included.

•    Muscular Dystrophy: This is a group of diseases caused by genetics and they are characterized by degeneration of the voluntary or skeletal muscles used to control movement and weakness that gets progressively worse. In some forms of the disease, the heart can also be affected.

•    Myasthenia Gravis: This is a neuromuscular disease that causes extreme weakening of the muscles throughout the body.

•    Myotonic Dystrophy: This disorder is inherited and it is characterized by a progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles, along with heart abnormalities, eye defects, and various other anomalies.

•    Parkinson’s Disease: This is another progressive disease of the nervous system and it affects how you move. The disease begins gradually, eventually causing movements to slow or stiffness when moving.

•    Neck Trauma: Neck trauma is considered to be any damage or injury to the structure of the neck, including nerves, spinal column, bones, and soft tissue. It is vital that proper care is given immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring.

•    Torticollis: This is a movement disorder that causes the muscles which control the neck to frequently twist or jerk.

•    Whiplash: This term describes the injury that occurs to the neck due to a motor vehicle accident.

Top Pain Management Treatments

Pain management treatments are an extremely common specialty for clinics all over the world. In the United States, where medical care is made one of the top priorities, it should come as no surprise that there are a huge number of clinics that specialize in this type of treatment in nearly all the populated areas of the country. San Antonio, of course, is not any different than the other cities with regard to pain management clinics.

What are the Top Pain Management Treatments?

Here is a list of the top pain management treatments:

•    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the newest methods of treating pain. It is primarily based on the psychological aspects of the pain and it helps patients understand the relationship that exists between their muscles and their physical bodies and the behavior and emotions that they show to others. The primary goal of this type of treatment is to help people establish thought patterns which are more healthy and that can help them moving forward. Many studies have been done which help to show the usefulness of this type of treatment in the management of things like lower back pain. It can help to promote a significant decrease in the levels of both physical and social disability that the patient is experiencing.

Flickr/synergybyjasmine•    Mindfulness meditation is something which has been taken from the Zen school of Japanese Buddhism. Again, this is focusing on the psychological aspects of the illness rather than on the physical ones. It has been shown through an analysis of studies done that techniques focusing on the moment and remaining in the moment can help to decrease the intensity of pain felt by people who suffer from chronic pain. This is something anyone can try, even without the need to actually go out and find a clinic to do it themselves.

•    Hypnosis has also been shown to be significantly useful in the treatment of pain. A number of studies have been done which help show the efficacy of this method. The findings in these studies provided plenty of support for the general ability for this technique to help with chronic pain. This is also something which helps to assist in the applicability of other medical procedures done, particularly on children. This helps to show reduced pain levels in comparison with control groups which do not show any significant reduction in pain levels. Self hypnosis does not work as well as hypnosis which is administered, however.

•    One of the most common methods of treating this type of disease is to go through the pain ladder that the WHO has presented. This was used originally to try and speak about cancer related pain, but it has become more common to use with any sort of pain. Generally, this is going to determine how many and what types of drugs can be given to patients. For mild pain, they may give some common NSAID or over the counter drugs which can help to relive that pain. Mild to moderate pain requires something a bit more strong; so a weak opioid might be used. If you have moderate to severe pain, things begin to get a little bit more interesting. Acute pain medication can be used for the rapid onset of pain that occurs during immediate trauma or after some sort of operation. Morphine is one of the strongest narcotics and it is the standard against which all other drugs are put. This is something which can be used, but it is not often recommended because it can bring along with it some sever implications in terms of dependence.

Finally, we come to the other method of treating and managing pain: interventional pain management. This is a very wide field which includes many types of treatments with the end goal of reducing pain. Generally, this is going to be done through the introduction of pain medication and, occasionally, through the removal of nerve tissue. The point of this is to help to target any tissue structures or organs which might be responsible for persistent feelings of pain. This sounds simple, but it is anything but that. In truth, this is the method of helping treat pain that is the most invasive.

Sometimes, pumps are going to be put into the skin in order to help provide drugs directly to spinal fluid. This is something similar to the injections that a person can get at a doctor’s office. The big difference in this situation is that it is more common for a drug to be delivered into the spinal fluid than into the spaces in the spin. This approach will also use a smaller amount of the drug which winds up utilizing more nerves than the larger amount would. This is something which is somewhat questionable in terms of its usage in the real world because the locations at which the opioid receptors are found are somewhat limited.

One of the largest issues to overcome when trying to manage pain is making sure that someone actually gets enough treatment for the problem that they have. The under-treatment of pain is something which is relatively common in the industry. The problem occurs most often in the youngest and the oldest individuals. It makes sense that this would be an issue because it is always something on the mind of doctors to maintain a level of safe treatment without going overboard.

If you are suffering from pain and you are located in the San Antonio area, it may be a very good idea for you to check out Premier Pain Consultants. They provide all of the techniques which have been put on display here and the fact that they have a professional and diverse staff who have extensive training in pain management. This gives them a unique insight into the problems and the solutions to those problems which ultimately translates into better treatments for their patients.

The Best Healthcare Marketing Tools

The healthcare industry, particularly in the United States, has quickly become one of the largest economic powerhouses in the entire world. People and their entire lives, not just medically but also financially, can be completely changed by the type of healthcare that they are able to secure. If a person has insurance, then that usually means that they will be able to afford their own choice of doctors and medical facilities to visit. Because of the amount of money, effort, and resources floating around in the medical field, it is no surprise that many healthcare facilities compete with each other for patients.

Unfortunately, it should also come as no surprise to you that sometimes the best doctors are simply not able to see the patients that need them because they do not have the necessary experience with marketing that some other individuals do. There are, though, some tools which are readily available for people who wish to use them. Often, these tools can be the difference between getting to see patients and keeping a practice afloat and losing out on everything. Even so, it can be difficult to figure out which tools are available and which ones will be the best for what you need. Truly, finding the right tools can make all the difference.

What Kinds of Tools are Available for Healthcare Marketing?

There are tons of marketing tools that are available for business owners in the healthcare field. The difficulty, initially, is choosing which ones you believe will best benefit a business that is in your situation. Some of these tools will work better for established businesses and some will work better for businesses which are in a growth phase. Once you have determined where you are in your business, you can begin to work on choosing the tools that will help you succeed in the future.

mkhmarketingHere are some of the tools that are currently available for healthcare marketing in a local area:

•    Word of mouth – This is probably the best way to market your healthcare facility, hands down. Once you have a patient, they are going to be telling their friends and family how it all went. If it went well, they will likely recommend your facility. Do everything that you can to make sure that every patients leaves your facility with a good opinion of the facility itself and the staff. This does not, usually, apply to larger hospitals, but smaller clinics can be broken by bad reviews.

•    Free checkups – Often, a great way to spread the word about your healthcare facility is to offer free checkups. This may seem crazy, but doing a brief checkup in the parking lot, amongst other activities, and sharing free healthcare information with the public is a great way to raise public awareness. This is a great way to build public good will and to help promote your facility.

Here are some tips for healthcare marketing online:

•    Website – This is, hands down, the best marketing method available. If you do not have an online presence then you are doomed right from the very beginning. You need to have a high quality and professional website that has an intuitive and responsive design. You need to have high quality copy on your site which will lead users to the conclusion that you are a professional organization and will not leave them questioning whether or not they should choose you for their medical needs.

•    Hire a professional – Don’t do it all yourself. Everyone uses the Internet now and marketing online can be a very complex process. Most professionals simply do not have the time to learn web design and marketing on top of the other things that they have to provide clients. Find someone who already knows the ropes and you will be totally set in terms of internet marketing and establishing an online presence. They will also save you valuable time and money. They know what to spend time on and what to skip when they are formulating your marketing plan.

What are the Best Healthcare Marketing Tools?

Here are some of the very best healthcare marketing tools available on the market today:

•    Blogs – Blogs are the top way that you can demonstrate your knowledge about a subject. It is extremely important that you establish yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry and it should honestly come as no surprise that one of the best ways to accomplish that is to create a blog. Provide useful content to your readers for free and, if you are not a good writer, try to outsource the blog content to a specialist who has experience in the healthcare field. This will prove to be a good investment because it will increase the search ranking and relevance of your website to potential clients and visitors.

•    Adwords – If you are going to try to do any sort of marketing, Google Adwords is something you need to become very familiar with. This is one of the most expensive tools that is at your disposal, but it is also one of the most effective. Through the use of Adwords, you will rank in the search results of Google (the top search engine) and when people search for certain keywords. This dramatically increases the likelihood that you will be the choice for clients and that your ad will be both seen more frequently and utilized more often.

•    Email – Another obvious one. Now that email comes straight to peoples phones, it should come as no surprise that it has become one of the best ways to drum up some new business. Send out periodic reminders to past patients about their health and about getting regular checkups. This is a way to both keep in touch with leads that you have and to remind existing patients to come in for a normal checkup that they may forget otherwise. This also saves some valuable time that would otherwise have to be spend doing localized physical marketing or calling patients.

Why Is A Luxury Real Estate Company In Miami Beach, Valuable To It’s Potential Clients?

Are you looking for a luxury real estate property to purchase or sell? Are you contemplating handling the endeavor without a luxury real estate company in Miami Beach? Unless you’re an experienced expert in property sales, we recommend rethinking your strategy again. In the state of Florida, Miami is considered to be its largest urban and cultivated city. It is indeed a prime metropolitan location for beach front residential properties as the city is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

In Miami Beach, buying luxury real estate and selling property is a booming business. With a wide range of available properties one can select from, buyers can choose to invest in affordable housing or choose to purchase luxury homes, apartments and condos as their second or third residence. Commercial property is also available in the vast market including: restaurants, spacious offices and hotels to name a few. The biggest challenge in Miami is choosing the best property that suits your overall budget and needs. Luxury properties in Miami Beach can start as low as $600,000. All one has to do is the research and take time to analyze the property or hire a real estate consultant to assist with you the research, make recommendations, and advise you on the best strategy.

Photo Credit: Flickr/el_ramon

Why should a potential client contact a real estate agent?

With advanced technologies, many consider purchasing and selling property a simple task, however if you’re serious and truly want an easy, safe property transaction, it’s wise to contact a qualified real estate agent in this challenging field. A qualified real estate agent should be licensed.

A real estate agent is as important as the property itself. He or she can assist a client in choosing the best property that meets the client’s needs. A real estate agent can provide invaluable information which includes current market conditions, while also being able to present you with an inventory of available properties that fit your vision and your budget.

Many real estate agents also have access to photographs, videos and virtual tours of properties available in the current marketplace. The real estate agent can also refer the client to an accountant to advise them on the best way to set up this property as a tax shelter and to a mortgage banker who can help them secure the best mortgage rates. Hiring a real estate agent will be of significant importance in purchasing a property since agents are familiar with the latest market trends in the real estate business.

A Real estate agent’s professionalism and personal touch

Dealing with a real estate agent gives the client an opportunity to speak to an individual, rather than a website. A real estate agent should easily understand the client’s needs and desires to help them find a suitable property. Whichever side an agent is negotiating for, either buyer or seller, a licensed real estate agent demonstrates the highest level of professionalism to assist both parties. Clients are assured that their worries are safeguarded and their needs are met.

Whether you decide to reside in Miami for a short holiday or you’re visiting the city for business purposes, or if you’re planning to retire in Miami, Miami Beach luxury real estate provides many real estate options for individuals worldwide who desire to live a luxury lifestyle for reasonable market values.

Ways To Treat Tendinitis

For people who are not familiar with Boulder, Colorado, the city is known as the #1 Sports Town in America. What this title means is that for people who love to do a lot of things outdoors, Boulder, Colorado is the place to move to. Some of the outdoor recreations available to do in Boulder include biking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, rock climbing, skiing, swimming, tennis, and so much more. However, for people who love to be outdoors, and constantly on the go, too much activity does have a price. Though physical activity is good for the body, and does keep both men and women in great shape, doing too much can actually cause conditions like tendinitis. In order to treat tendinitis, sports medicine doctor, like Colorado Clinic, has to be sought out so people can discuss what options they have to treat it.

Pain Clinics Have Many Methods To Treat Tendinitis

The body has many tendons that connect the muscles to the bones. The tendons are thick tissues that look like rubber bands: There is a covering around the tendon that helps protect it and also keeps it moving like oil helps gears move by providing lubrication. People who are active are moving all parts of their bodies, and those tendons will get a lot of use. If there is too much activity, then those tendons can actually become overused. Those thick rubber bands can actually become overstretched out, but will not snap back into place. Tendinitis is the condition in which the tendons of the body become swollen from too much activity or an injury to a part of the body such as the hip or ankle. A sports medicine doctor is an expert on tendinitis, and there are specific steps that these doctors take in order to treat this condition:

•    Figuring out the cause: The first step that a sports medicine doctor is going to do is have a long conversation with the patient to figure out what caused it. It could have been an injury like a fall, or it could have been a repetitive activity such as riding a bike, climbing a mountain, or hiking up a difficult trail. Whatever the cause of the tendinitis, the activity will have to be stopped so that healing can begin, and the condition of the tendon does not become worse.

sports•    Get plenty of rest: Once the activity that caused the tendinitis has been stopped, the next step is to take it easy. Though it is hard for busy active people to stop being active, it is necessary because the tendon is already swollen, and any more activity can lead to the condition becoming worse or the tendon actually tearing.

•    The use of heat and warmth: When an injury to the tendon first occurs, people will notice right away because they may feel it snap, and then the pain and swelling begins. When the injury first happens, the best way to help it is to take an ice pack and put it on the injured area. The ice is going to help stop the pain, and it will also help the swelling go down. For those times when the pain becomes unbearable, an ice pack can ease the pain. Once the tendon begins to heal, there may still be time when the tendon hurts, and a nice hot pack can help take it away. If hot packs are not available, then taking a hot bath, or using a heating pad, can make a great substitute.

•    Use compression wraps: Another way to help reduce swelling is to use compression. With special compression wraps, there is pressure on the skin, which will help get rid of swelling. There are special compression bandages that can be used, and the tightness of them will not only stop swelling, but keep it from coming back. However, people need to be careful using compression bandages because too much pressure can actually cause more harm than good because it can cause circulation to be cut off. The signs of the blood flow being hindered are numbness in the affected area or a slight purple or blue tint to the skin.

•    Elevate the affected area: Whether the area of the body that has tendinitis is an elbow or ankle, that part has to be kept elevated. If tendonitis is in the elbow, then an arm sling can keep it elevated, and if the tendinitis is in the knee or ankle, propping it up on a small stool, with a cushion, can keep it from swelling.

•    The use of pain medication: While some people get prescription medication from a doctor, those medications can be quite strong. There are also over-the-counter medication can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, but are much milder than anything prescription, but will do the exact same job.

•    Using splints: Sometimes people are not able to stop the activity that is causing the tendinitis because it is part of their job. However, splints can make it possible for people to work, but not aggravate their tendonitis anymore. The splints will keep the body part in alignment and will take the pressure off of the tendon.

•    Surgery: If tendons are not taken care of properly, then there is a good chance that eventually, the tendon is going to tear. Once the tendon tears, or ruptures, then there is no other option than to have the tendon surgically repaired. After surgery, there will be a period of rehabilitation, and then activity can resume.

Living in a place like Boulder, Colorado can mean access to all kinds of fun outdoor activities all year long. However, rock climbing, jogging, hiking, and other activities can lead to a trip to the sports medicine doctor because all that activity can equal tendinitis. With tendinitis, the tendons are stretched out from an injury or over activity, and it will take a long process to heal it. When the tendons become injured, the activity needs to be stopped immediately before the tendon gets ruptured, which will require surgery. If people listen to their doctors, and take care of their tendinitis, then they will only be sidelined temporarily until the tendon heals.

Reasons That Losing Weight Should Be A Resolution You Keep

When the calendar recently made the shift from 2014 to 2015, the people in Phoenix, Arizona found lots of traditional and nonconventional was to ring in the New Year. Some took advantage of the New Year’s Eve dinners featured at resorts in the Valley of the Sun while others enjoyed the New Year’s Eve Gala performance and party at the Tempe Center for the Arts in Scottsdale. Music, dancing and games were part of the celebration at the Circle K New Year’s Eve Block Party on Mill Avenue where football fans used to enjoy the celebration of the Fiesta Bowl before it was moved. Live country music and a champagne toast to ring in the year were features of the celebration at DoubleTree by Hilton.

There were also those Phoenix residents who decided to ring in the New Year in front of the TV at home. Regardless of how they decided to ring in 2015, many of the city’s residents made the same resolution: successful weight loss. Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions people make, in Phoenix and across the nation. Whether it is to lose that last ten stubborn pounds or a more significant amount of weight, the resolution to lose weight is often one that is repeated when previous attempts have failed. While most people want to lose weight to make them look better, there are some serious reasons that weight loss should be taken more seriously than it often is as a New Year’s resolution. To see more go to Medifast.

Impact of Overweight and Obesity on Your Health

Overweight and obese people have more to lose than their looks. Weight loss of only a few pounds can improve your overall health and reduce your risk of developing:

<> Coronary Heart Disease – This condition occurs as the result of the buildup of plaque in the arteries. When they become blocked, it can cause angina (chest pain) or heart attack. People who are overweight to the point of obesity can also experience heart failure when the heart is not able to supply blood to the entire body. Weight loss of excess pounds carried around the waistline can help to reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.

<> Hypertension – Also called high blood pressure, is caused by excessive pressure of the blood against the Flickr/TipsTimesAdminarterial walls. Long term hypertension can result in damage to the body in numerous ways.

<> Stroke–Areas where plaque builds up can also rupture the artery and cause blood clot formation. When blood clots occur close to the brain, a stroke can occur.

<> Type 2 Diabetes (Adult Onset) – A growing number of people, including children’s are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The onset of this condition is associated with being overweight. Once the disease develops, it also increases the risk of developing stroke, blindness, kidney disease and coronary heart disease and is one of the leading causes of early death.

<> High Cholesterol – Obesity is linked to abnormally high levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and lower levels of good HDL cholesterol. High cholesterol is another condition that causes CHD.

<> Metabolic Syndrome – This condition actually refers to a group of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease and other health conditions when they occur in groups of three or more. These include having belly fat, high triglyceride levels, low levels of good HDL cholesterol, hypertension and blood sugar that is higher than average. Weight loss is the first recommendation made by many physicians to correct this condition.

<> Sleep Apnea – A sleep disorder which causes the person to have pauses in their breathing during sleep. These people often have fatty deposits in the neck that cause the airway to become restricted.

<> Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis is a common condition that results in pain and inflammation of the joints, particularly of the hips, knees and lower back. It results from the wearing away over time of cartilage that cushions joints. Weight loss can reduce the pressure placed on joints and reduce symptoms.

<> Reproductive Disorders – Women often become infertile when obesity affects their menstrual cycle and other problems.

<> Gallstones – these are stone-like pieces of material made of cholesterol that form in the gallbladder. They cause pain in the stomach and back and often require the gallbladder to be removed through surgery. People who are overweight to obese often have high cholesterol, increasing their risk of developing gallstones.

<> Cancer – Overweight and obesity has been shown to increase the risk of some types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, endometrial tissue, colon, and those of the gallbladder.

Biggest Obstacles to Weight Loss

The one thing that most people who have tried to lose weight have in common is failure. There are many weight loss plans and products available, each promising to make weight loss effortless. Separating those that are hype from the ones that are scientifically proven and proven effective over time is the first step in starting a successful weight loss program that they can stick with and get real results.

The Issue of Safety

Each year, there is a new rash of fad diets designed for fast and easy weight loss. Those like the cotton ball diet or tape worm diet go well beyond the idea of “safe and clinically proven”. There are two factors that make any program safe: It still provides you with the nutrients to keep your healthy and it does not involve ingesting any ingredient or object that can cause you harm.

Healthy weight loss should never exceed 2 to 5 pounds in the initial phases or more than 1 to 2 pounds per week as you progress. Using drastic measures to lose weight will result in short-term loss of pounds that return with even more weight gained in a short period of time.

If your New Year’s celebration in Phoenix was your last night out before you started thinking about weight loss, it’s time to start taking your resolution seriously. Find a healthy, reasonable way to successfully achieve the weight loss that will make you look great and keep you healthy for many more new years!